One of the major advantages of online degree programs is the ability to enter the program from anywhere. You don’t have to be in the same state or even the same country to get a top-flight education from the university of your choice.  Houston Christian University’s 100% online RN to BSN program attracts students from across the country and around the world. It allows students to choose the university that is right for them, not just what is offered in their area or state. Students from states that neighbor Texas, such as Louisiana and Oklahoma, often enter the program but they come from states farther away, as well, including Florida. With online degree programs, distance is no longer a factor.  

Why Out-Of-State Students Choose HCU 

Houston Christian University provides many advantages for online nursing students. The school is in Houston, Texas, and affiliated with the world’s largest medical center, the Texas Medical Center. That partnership enhances the school’s years of experience in educating nurses online. 

The same advantages the school offers students from Texas also applies to those from Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana or any other place a student is seeking an out-of-state BSN. Houston Christian University is regionally accredited. The program prepares you to become a nurse in your home state, not just Texas. The wealth of experience the school has with online education has led Houston Christian University officials to make tweaks and add facets to the program that they have found work best with students. Some of those advantages are:

Not Confined to Your State 

Many students start looking to earning an out-of-state BSN because they can’t find a program they like in their own state. As long as they have access to a computer and an Internet connection, they can earn their RN to BSN anywhere they want. That’s a major advantage college students in the past did not enjoy. 

Choose a Personalized Program 

Another advantage for Houston Christian University online nursing students is that they are not stuck in a giant lecture hall with hundreds of other students. Rather, they have the chance to work one-on-one via online communication with experienced, knowledgeable faculty members and support staff.  Professors speak with students in weekly, one-on-one meetings. The student to faculty ratio at Houston Christian University is 6:1. Students are never treated as a number. 

Personalized Coaching 

Along with the ability to work one-on-one with faculty to master competencies, nursing students are also assigned a success coach who is available throughout the student’s time in the program. The coaches provide advice not only on successfully completing classes but also on how to prepare for success in the field of nursing. 

A Competency-Based Program 

Students in the 100% online RN to BSN program approach their education by mastering competencies, not simply completing classes to earn credit hours. Students are given credit for experience and move forward at their own pace. Further, the competencies in the program are aligned with the needs of those in the healthcare industry, as well as with the latest technology used in nursing. 

A Faith-Based School 

Another reason many students seek a school outside their state is that they can’t find a quality, faith-based institution near where they live. Houston Christian University offers the values of a Christian school coupled with cutting-edge nursing education. That’s a big advantage to many students from out of state. 

Requirements For The HCU RN to BSN Program 

All students who enter the RN to BSN program need to have earned an Associate Degree in Nursing. Students with a 3.0 GPA are given full admission, while those with 2.5 to 2.9 GPA can get provisional admissions. The details on this and other issues are on the school admissions page. The school also sets up all the courses you need to take in the online program – there’s no need to spend time trying to decide what courses to take. Each is completed online at the student’s own pace. 

Online learning offers students from any state to earn a BSN at Houston Christian University. It’s one of the ways that technology has eliminated barriers in education. Those looking to earn an out of state BSN will want to consider what the Houston Christian University program has to offer.