Houston once was known as the “Oil Capital of the World”. Now, it is increasingly a national center for healthcare and has the world’s largest medical center.

Because of that growth in the medical industry, Houston nursing jobs are more abundant than ever.

The Texas Medical Center in Houston is now the largest medical complex in the world. It’s home to Texas Children’s Hospital, the world’s largest children’s hospital. It’s also home to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the world’s largest cancer hospital.

There’s also growth in medical healthcare degree programs, such as those offered at Houston Christian University, including nursing degrees that can be earned online.

The city has become home to quality nursing education, an expanding medical industry and a wealth of Houston nursing jobs.

Growing Medical Industry Calls for More Houston Nursing Jobs

The Texas Medical Center and the associated medical industry in Houston have an estimated annual economic impact of $20 billion on the region.

Some other facts about the Texas Medical Center:

  • 9,200 patient beds
  • 50 million developed square feet
  • 25,000 babies delivered every year
  • 13,600 heart surgeries have been performed
  • 10 million patient encounters per year

There are 106,000 employees in the Texas Medical Center, many of them nurses. That’s one reason why Houston nursing jobs have been plentiful in recent years. One in five residents in Houston’s 77030 zip code work in the medical industry, making it the highest concentration of life science professionals anywhere in the country.

Texas Nursing Shortage

Across the country, the number of nurses is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026, with more than 438,000 more nursing jobs added.

In Texas, the growth is expected to be even larger. The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies projects 54 percent growth in the number of job openings for nurses by 2030. That could result in a shortage of almost 60,000 nurses.

In May, Indeed.com listed more than 2,600 Houston nursing jobs.

Learning Online

Many career opportunities exist for medical professionals, especially those searching for nursing jobs in Houston. Earning a degree to enter the field or earning a master’s degree to qualify for the top nursing jobs can pave the pathway to a challenging, rewarding career.

HCU offers online classes that allow students to further their education while building their school schedule around their professional and personal lives. Students also get the advantage of HCU’s 50 years of academic experience.

HCU is a big part of the overall medical industry in the Houston area. Students there have the opportunity to network with many other medical professionals in the area. That can pay off in terms of finding the best nursing jobs available in Houston.

Houston has become a center for the medical industry. For those who want to work at the top levels of the field, a job in the Texas Medical Center or at other healthcare organizations in the Houston area can put them at the center of the best the medical industry has to offer.