Asynchronous online education is one of the main reasons that earning an online degree is attractive to people who once thought they did not have time to further their college education. It allows students to do coursework on their schedule, not the school’s schedule.

With asynchronous online education, students do not have to log in at a certain time to see lectures. But this type of learning may not be exclusively carried out online, with some school-related communication happening via message boards and email.  Course materials are downloaded or streamed when the student has the time to view them. It puts students in control of their education, which is why Houston Christian University offers asynchronous online education for its online nursing courses. 

What Are the Benefits of Asynchronous Online Education? 

Prospective students may still believe online education is synchronous, meaning they must log in at a certain time to view a professor’s lecture or to communicate with other students.  That is no longer the case and HCU offers online courses with the flexibility students are looking for.

When taking a course that offers asynchronous learning, the biggest benefit is in time management. Most nurses who enroll in an RN-to-BSN program or a Master of Science in Nursing program are working nurses. Between the time spent on the job and their personal lives, many feel too busy to take college courses. Asynchronous online learning changes that, allowing students to set aside time during the day that is convenient for them to focus on schoolwork.

Who Should Enroll in This Type of Degree? 

Asynchronous online courses are perfect for those who want self-paced learning. This can include working nurses or those with busy personal lives, such as parents. With this type of course, they can get up early and complete schoolwork in the morning. Or while they cook dinner. Night owls can wait until the house quiets down at night. The point is, students have flexibility. 

Some students just prefer self-paced education. It allows them to move forward quickly or take the time they need to absorb the information being presented. In either cause, asynchronous online courses give them what they need. 

How Does HCU Offer This?

HCU offers asynchronous online courses in its nursing programs. They combine this approach with another advantageous program for students: a competency-based educational (CBE) format. 

In a CBE program, students are not expected to just complete classes for credit hours. Rather, they earn academic credit when they demonstrate mastery of the competencies taught in the course, allowing them to move forward quickly. Nurses can apply what they have learned on the job, making their real-world experiences count toward their education.

Combining asynchronous online courses with CBE is yet another way HCU is different than other schools. For nurses who want to earn a degree on their own schedule, the online nursing programs provide the type of education they are seeking.