Nurses have plenty of choices when it comes to earning a college degree. Choosing the right nursing school is a matter of knowing the most important aspects of a quality nursing program and finding one that meets your standards. The following takes a high-level look at some of the most important factors when choosing the right nursing school. For every student, choosing the right nursing school is a deeply personal decision. But there are some factors that are important in almost every situation.


This is perhaps the biggest advantage of online programs. If you choose to attend a traditional, brick-and-mortar school, it’s important that the location is not too far from where you live and work. That can be a difficult puzzle to solve, but it’s possible, especially in larger metropolitan areas. However, millions are turning to online schools or those that offer a hybrid program that mixes on-campus and online learning. For working nurses, this provides an enormous advantage over traditional programs. Trying to earn a degree while maintaining a nursing position is next-to-impossible for many. The flexibility of online learning is a difference-maker for those who want to earn a degree while maintaining their current position.


You want a program that offers practical experience through clinicals, as well as one that is affiliated with strong medical facilities where a nurse can learn the latest approaches to nursing. You also want places where you can network with peers, potential mentors, and leaders in the industry. 

Specialty Programs

If you have a specialty that you want to work in – pediatrics or family care, for example – you will want to choose a school that offers strong programs in those areas. Search for schools that offer specialty programs that best align with your career goals.


You want to ensure that the school offers technical support around the clock in case you have any issues with the digital classroom. The best schools also offer students personal coaches who work with them on both school and career issues. That kind of support can help make the online experience even better.

Advantages of Houston Christian University

Houston Christian University offers a number of advantages for those who wish to earn their nursing degree. The school offers an online program and a hybrid program that combines online classes with clinical experience at partner medical facilities near where the student lives. This gives working nurses the chance to maintain their current positions while earning a degree that can advance their career.

Houston Christian University offers the following nursing degrees:

Houston Christian University also offers every RN to BSN student a personal coach who works with them to choose the classes they need, develop strong education habits and reach their career goals.  The school is a member of the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical center located in Houston. The school has used information from employers in the medical center to help develop the nursing curriculum. They also have developed strong relationships with hospitals and other medical providers throughout the area.

All these factors make Houston Christian University a good option when choosing the right nursing school. Whether you choose Houston Christian University or another school, take the time to investigate your options and find the program that works best for you and aligns with your professional goals.