A leading nursing website listed Houston Christian University as one of the 10 top nursing schools in Texas in 2018, focusing on how the program prepares students to immediately enter the workforce or move on to a graduate degree.

Nurse.org lists Houston Christian University among the Top 10 along with schools such as University of Texas, Baylor University, and Texas Christian University.

Houston Christian University offers a variety of nursing degrees, including a popular online RN to BSN program and hybrid Master of Science nursing programs with concentrations on pediatric nurse practitioner and family nurse practitioner.

Prepared for the Job

The article notes that Houston Christian University “focuses on preparing nurses, so their BSN program has nurses graduate ready to begin their career.”

“However, the comprehensive education in the BSN program also prepares students to begin graduate school if they want to further their education.”

Houston Christian University is located near the heart of Houston, one of the fastest-growing and most diverse cities in the nation. The university is a partner with the Texas Medical Center, the largest such center in the world.  HCU’s School of Nursing and Allied Health also has developed strong ties with the healthcare industry in Houston, giving students clinical experience opportunities that help them sharpen the skills needed to handle the latest job duties and challenges in the nursing field.

Nursing in Texas

Texas has many nursing schools because the state is so large. Texas employs 219,330 nurses, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which is second only to California in the entire country.

Nurses in Texas enjoy a mean annual wage of $76,800, with the top 25% making $89,080 and the top 10% making more than $103,040. What’s more, the number of nurses in Texas is expected to grow 16.8% by 2028, according to Projections Central, which segments BLS numbers by state.

Nationwide, the number of nurses is expected to grow 7%.

The number of nurse practitioners is growing too. In Texas, 14,680 nurse practitioners are employed, according to the BLS. The average annual salary is $116,700. The number of nurse practitioners in Texas is expected to grow 31.9% by 2028.

Why Houston Christian University?

HCU’s placement as one of 10 top nursing schools in Texas is not surprising given all the school has to offer. For those wishing to pursue degrees online, the university offers many advantages.

Competency-Based Education (CBE).

This allows students with experience to quickly receive credit for classes that offer information they have already mastered.


As mentioned above, HCU has strong ties with the medical community and has fashioned a curriculum that contains both advanced theories and the practical knowledge needed to apply them, all based on the needs of modern healthcare employers.

Personal coach.

Each online RN to BSN student is assigned an experienced personal coach who supports them academically and in balancing their academic load with professional and personal lives.

Experienced faculty.

HCU has faculty that not only understands theories, tools, and techniques that make for better nurses but also how to teach students to apply them in real-world situations.

For those seeking to advance their nursing education, HCU provides an excellent opportunity, both online and on campus. With its position at the heart of a rapidly growing healthcare community, the university’s degree programs are an option worth considering for nurses in Texas.