A faith-based college education is an attractive option for those who want high-quality academic programs combined with the benefits of living and learning in a community of faith. The benefits of faith-based education extend beyond a student’s time in college, providing an ethical model for living, a global perspective, and strong professional and personal networks that last a lifetime.

Both recent high school graduates and working adults benefit from a Christian college education. In all of Houston Christian University’s nursing programs, including the online Master of Science in Nursing program, a commitment to a faith-based education is central to what the university offers.

Writing for The News Magazine of HCU, Abigail Hester, Adjunct Professor in Nursing at HCU, said that nurses who incorporate faith into their work have the opportunity to understand the needs of patients better, both physical and spiritual.

“This concept is not typically taught in nursing schools, nor really any other school for that matter,” Hester wrote. “It is not part of the major curriculum or even part of any licensure exam. It is a lesson that is grown through awareness and practice.”

Benefits of a Christian Education

A faith-based education provides students with many advantages. At HCU, the nursing programs are rooted in compassion and a desire for a life of service to others. Students learn the joys of living in a community of faith and the benefits of a Christian-centered education.

  • A quality faith-based education encourages a global worldview. Students in a Christian education program often have a healthier and broader perspective on life than their peers in secular schools.
  • Faith-based education focuses on the acceptance of others, selflessness, and a “love thy neighbor” outlook.
  • Christian college students participate in many of the same social events as secular colleges but also in more enriching faith-based activities, including volunteering and community outreach programs. Students may also take part in the school’s mission efforts.
  • A Christian education allows students to grow in their faith, combining Biblical principles with quality academics. A Christian education offers students a path to career success based on a solid spiritual foundation.
  • Faith-based schools also allow students to grow a diverse social circle. Students come from various racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.
  • Students at Christian colleges also get every opportunity to expand their spiritual life. They can find places of worship on campus and will spend every day with students who share their beliefs. They also can further study their religion and discuss their thoughts and questions with fellow students.

Why Houston Christian University?

Students in HCU’s RN to BSN program and MSN program receive a faith-based education that meets the school’s mission of creating impactful leaders in the nursing profession who aspire to professional and spiritual excellence.

Graduates from HCU have a better understanding of their place in the world and how they can best create a better future for their patients, co-workers, and those in their personal lives. HCU strives to develop students academically, spiritually, physically, and relationally.

The idea behind the university is to offer a school that stresses quality of life and learning. HCU also seeks to create a diverse student population that reflects Houston, one of the most diverse cities in the nation.