For current and aspiring nurses, finding the right nursing program and submitting an application can be challenging. Between the academic requirements, concentration choices, and financial considerations, making this big decision can prompt uncertainty and stress. Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. 

Enrollment advisors (EA) at Houston Christian University (HCU) are ready to support you through every step of the admissions process, from exploring different degree options to preparing for your first class—and everything in between. If you are a working professional looking for an online RN-to-MSN or MSN program, learn more about how an HCU EA can assist you.

What Is an Enrollment Advisor?

An enrollment advisor is a professional at Houston Christian University with in-depth knowledge of the university’s nursing degrees and the application and enrollment process. If you have questions about what to expect from an online educational experience and the different concentration options offered at HCU, enrollment advisors can help. 

Many successful HCU candidates work with EAs as they navigate the admissions process. EAs represent one example of HCU’s university-wide dedication to student support services.

A System of Support: How an Advisor Can Help

An HCU enrollment advisor can provide support to prospective students and applicants at every step of the admission and enrollment journey. Working with an EA can help demystify the application process and prepare you for a successful start of your first semester.

Gain Program Insights

An enrollment advisor can provide details and insights about HCU’s nursing curriculum and degree concentrations. Are you unsure whether you qualify for the RN-to-MSN program? Do you need clarification on the various MSN concentration options? Need more information about how an MSN will impact your career options and earning potential? An EA can provide the details you need to choose your best option.

Highlight Your Strengths

An enrollment advisor can help you put your best foot forward. They will work one-on-one with you to help ensure your application best represents your knowledge and experience and that all required materials are in order. They can answer any questions about the application requirements and the admissions process.

Stay on Track

Your EA can work with you to keep your application on track. Together, you can create a timeline to help keep you on top of deadlines and due dates for materials. EAs continue to support enrolled students as they prepare for their first semester. They provide accepted students with tools and resources to launch a successful academic journey.

Build a Financial Plan

Your EA can assist as you navigate the financial aid process. There are many resources available that can help you manage the cost of your education, including scholarships and employer tuition support. HCU’s enrollment advisors can guide you toward various resources that can make your education more affordable.

Make Your Move: Schedule an HCU Application Walkthrough

Are you looking for an RN-to MSN or MSN degree that prepares passionate nurses who are dedicated to serving their patients and community? Do you want a faith-based online program that fits into your busy life? Would you like to get personalized support as you learn about your options?

The help you need is available. Reach out to an enrollment advisor from Houston Christian University and move forward with the confidence that you are choosing the right program for your healthcare career. Contact an HCU enrollment advisor and request a one-on-one application walk through today.