RN to BSN Student Jennifer Prosperie talks about the advantages of an HCU nursing program and what she likes about attending while working and taking care of her family. 

I’ve been working as a home health and hospice nurse out on the field full-time, nut I’ve just kind of changed jobs recently - so I’m doing marketing for home health now. [I’m a] single mom with three kids.   

The RN to BSN program, the way it’s kind of arranged and set up and being able to do it online has been just a great thing for me. It really makes it doable. I would say one thing that I really liked (though it wasn’t really a selling point to me when I was introduced to the program), but after being in the program - the success coaches are such a huge asset.  

Advantages of Success Coaches 

Not having to go hunt down: what classes do I need? Are there open spots? Registering myself.  Having them take care of that for me has really been a huge help. Especially when you have your job and you have your family. You’ve got all this other stuff going on, that really has been a huge help.   

I even mentioned to Julie one time that just cost-wise, well maybe I have a lot of Gen Ed classes - maybe I should do those at community college? But, after thinking about having to go through all that and do it all by myself - I said, no. It’s worth it. Having them [the success coaches], it really makes it worth it. So, I really enjoyed it so far. It’s going really good.